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Babybites.co.nz is New Zealand's trusted kid's fashion and design blog. We've been around for almost 10 years!

For 10 years we've been seeking out the best in kid's clothing, fashion, and accessories, kid's nursery and bedroom decor and art, and kid's toys, furniture and dining ideas from around the web. We also provide fantastic birthday and party ideas, parenting advice, shopping guides, competitions and more!

Over this time we've seen an amazing revolution.

The internet has inspired parents from around the world to really think and plan their children's space within the home. It's also provided inspiring images of kid's fashion, and fashion accessory ideas. Empowering parents to shop beyond the 'big box' retailers, and begin exploring their child's style from an early age. 

We LOVE this!

What we've also seen though, is that some 'boutique' kid's fashion and design stores have some insanely expensive products. 

We thought we could do better. 

So, we looked at how we could provide parents with the amazing range of kid's products out there, but at truely affordable prices. We found it was these things, in particular, that blow out a product's cost:

  • Dealing through third-party wholesalers, instead of the actual supplier.
  • Super fast, under a week delivery. It's great, but it costs a lot. 
  • Warehousing, storage and transportation costs. 
  • Inefficient picking and packing processes.
  • Massive marketing budgets.

So what did we do?

We removed them all.

We work directly with the supplier (that is the actual people that make the products you buy).

We ship all our products by surface mail. This takes a little longer, usually between 2 - 4 weeks (to send your product half way around the world, from the suppliers door to yours, which isn't too bad!), but it saves you a lot.

We don't waste money on huge, environmentally un-friendly storage facilities. We don't waste money on transportation, double-handling or unnecessary packaging.

We spend our time making our customers happy, instead of designing billboard ads (because we believe our customers' positive referral is the best marketing there is). 

Enjoy shopping on the site.

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Alayna, Jarrod & the BabyBites team